Portland Veterinary Oncology Center Files - 'RDVMs'http://portlandoncologyMO.evetsites.netPortland Veterinary Oncology Center is a private cancer practice in Beaverton, OR which specializes in radiation therapy and chemotherapy. Dr. Cyman and her staff work closely with primary-care veterinarians who entrust us with the clients and pets they refer.Radiation Therapy Information Sheethttp://www.portvetonc.com/rdvms.pmlHere is a handout that goes over the basics of radiation therapy and what is involved with treatment.file/56912/Radiation Therapy Information SheetReferral Sheethttp://www.portvetonc.com/rdvms.pmlHere is our RDVM referral form.file/56913/Referral SheetTumor Flow Charthttp://www.portvetonc.com/rdvms.pmlHere is the tumor flow chart that we would like RDVMs to use so we get all the information that we need.file/56914/Tumor Flow Chart