Portland Veterinary Oncology Center Files - 'New Clients'http://portlandoncologyMO.evetsites.netPortland Veterinary Oncology Center is a private cancer practice in Beaverton, OR which specializes in radiation therapy and chemotherapy. Dr. Cyman and her staff work closely with primary-care veterinarians who entrust us with the clients and pets they refer.Boarding Consent Formhttp://www.portvetonc.com/new-clients.pmlPlease read and fill out this form if you plan to board your pet with us.file/56902/Boarding Consent FormNew Client Formhttp://www.portvetonc.com/new-clients.pmlPlease fill this form out and bring it with you for quicker check in.file/56903/New Client FormRadiation Therapy Information Sheethttp://www.portvetonc.com/new-clients.pmlHere is a handout that has some of the basic information on radiation therapy and what is involved in treatment.file/56904/Radiation Therapy Information SheetTumor Flow Charthttp://www.portvetonc.com/new-clients.pmlHere is a tumor flow chart that you can have filled out at your referring veterinarian. file/56905/Tumor Flow Chart